Packing my bag…

Almost one day before starting my journey, sitting on my balcony and kind of a strange feeling coming up inside myself…I got my travel visa, changed my money, prepared my camera, met my dearest friends and my family, my clothes are washed, not yet decided, which one I will take with me (always hard decision) …
I was used to travel frequently, but the last two years busy working life in Germany did not allow to travel, so I stayed, dunked in the challenges of daily life. Now, having this ticket, almost ready to go, for sure I am looking forward to get to know to a new country with it´s culture, it´s people, it´s art, it´s food, it´s beautiful beaches and landscapes, but I am asking myself: „What do you really expect from this travel?“ On my former travels I made so many experience, some were so beautiful , some of them were really cruel, but in the end I learned my lessons and went on. All of my travels in the past had one thing in common: A deep search inside. This was for a long time the engine of my travels, but step by step, things changed and in the end, the need of searching disappeared. Now, settled in life and pleased with what I have, the reasons and targets of my traveling also change. Suddenly I have no idea why I am traveling and this is a great feeling: getting lost in a travel without any expectations, so I can follow whatever this journey will bring to me.

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