Munich – Dubai-Colombo

Taking off to Sri Lanka was definitely a powerful moment, I really felt relieved and pleased that I will have the chance to find some distance from daily life. All my concerns I may had before blew out really soon when the plane has started. I was finding myself sitting between so many other people from countries all over the world, which were traveling for their own reasons and we had a relaxed flight to Dubai. It was the first time flying with Emirates, which gave me a new experience of comfort flying: having more space for my legs, excellent service and also tasty food (okay, as tasty as plane food can be) and the entertainment program offered a wide range of new films. So, we all looked some films, we all get thirsty, hungry and tired after a while, we all had dinner together, all mothers from all countries looked after their children and in the end, we all felt asleep. It was so nice to observe, that we all are having the same needs, so in the end we are all the same.

After reaching the Airport of Dubai, had to wait several hours for my transit flight to Colombo, bought me some coffee, walked along the duty free area with almost the same shops like I know it from european airports and found a nice couch in front of my gate, where I slept until boarding time to Colombo. The flight to Colombo was also nice and comfortable flight, I was happy, because having three seats for my own, so preparing some kind of bed and after lunch found a deep sleep in the plane. No later than reaching Colombo airport, time got an really abstract thing, better said, I lost any sense of time, so I think it was lunchtime when I reached Colombo or maybe later, I don´t know.

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