Diplomausstellung 2017 Akademie der Bildenden Künste München

100 pieces of artwork
Today was visiting this year´s Diplomausstellung at Akademie der Bildenden Künste München. Round about 100 pieces of artwork from the classes of sculpture, scenography and stage costume design, photography, glass, jewellery and hollowware, graphics, ceramics, painting and new media were spread over the whole building of ADBK and exhibited to public view. Most of this artwork was realized in a unique way and I could see that each of the graduand worked hard to find an artistic position.

Anne Pfeifer, Thomas Breitenfeld, Katarina Sopčić
In particular the three young artists Anne Pfeifer www.annepfeifer.com , Thomas Breitenfeld www.thomas-breitenfeld.com and Katarina Sopčić http://katarinasopcic.com caught my attention, because I loved their ideas, the way they expressed their realities and was impressed of their precision. Anna totally got me with her black cubes, which were moving because of an electric impulse within the cubes, simulating heartbeats. The organic wooden sculpture of Thomas absorbed all space around and Katarina´s series of photo-diptychs gave me some feeling s of an intimate personal photo-album. I wish all of them only the best for their further future as an artist! Well done guys 🙂

The pin board

Short before leaving the exhibition I took a slight look over the pin board of the ADBK and found some humorous & artistic notes about poetry, copy right and reducing the paranoia.

Be aware of the audience
All in all a successful Diplomausstellung 2017 with one thing to add: Being an artist always involving special kind of attitude, we all love little bit of anarchy I know, but don´t pay  any attention at all if someone is standing in front of your artwork, hungry for more details may be a little bit near-sighted.

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